A fully automated auction site for your
fantasy Baseball or Football leagues.



This web site is designed to run your fantasy league player drafts from start to finish - a fun experience where all your teams get involved. Player auctions run for the exact amount of time that your commissioner or teams set. All teams have unlimited chances to bid - as long as they have the funds available, and the auction clock is still running. When an auction ends, players are automatically signed to the highest bidder, and salaries are automatically deducted from their salary cap.

You can start your league from scratch with no players owned, or with your existing players currently assigned to your teams. Your league commissioner adds your league, your teams, and sets your salary caps, and can also activate your player auctions. Your auctions can run any time of the year, at the start and finish times of your choice. Registering your league is an easy process, many league options are available, and all auction transactions and calculations are fully automated by our web site.

The primary function of this site is the player auction, but it also manages team rosters, salary caps, player trades, and more. However, player statistics and team standings are not controlled. So if you are tired of drafting your fantasy league teams using the other methods - phone calls, e-mails, snake drafts, single-bid auctions - this site is the right choice.


The following services are included with your league membership.

  • Commissioners
    • Choose from many different options when setting up your leagues.
    • Set your league's minimum/maximum player salaries, bid amounts, contract lengths, etc.
    • Modify league options and settings at any time during your season.
    • Add or remove your league's teams - new or existing.
    • Adjust team rosters at any time - add, remove, or trade players.
    • Control player trades, contract buyouts, etc.
    • Activate players into auction, control duration of auctions.
    • Start or stop the auction clocks at any time.
    • Modify team salary caps or existing funds at any time.
    • Upload private files for your league - spreadsheets, documents, etc.
    • And more...
  • Automated Auction
    • Constantly shows live player auctions - highest bids, bid histories, time remaining, etc.
    • Can set auction clocks or no timers - your choice.
    • Controls minimum and maximum restrictions when bidding on players.
    • Monitors team salary caps when bidding - prevents from going over cap.
    • E-mails team owners when auctions have started and ended.
    • E-mails team owners when they have been outbid on any player.
    • Assigns players to team of highest bidder when auctions end.
    • Adjusts team funds when players are signed.
    • Records all finished auctions - assigned teams, final bids, time ended, etc.
    • Can reset auction duration when bids are submitted - prevents last second bids.
    • And more...
  • Team Owners
    • Activate your choice of players into the auction.
    • Place bids or view bid histories at any time during an auction.
    • Update team information - your team names, e-mail addresses, passwords, etc.
    • View current team rosters and finances - all with printable formats.
    • View details of team funds, player trades, contract buyouts.
    • Control your auction e-mail preferences - turn them on or off at any time.
    • Customize your personal color theme for the site.
    • Post and view messages in your league's private bulletin board.
    • Full access to download your league's private files.





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