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The registration fee is $75.00 (USD) per league, and each league can use this site for up to one full year from the date of registering. The length of your player draft is entirely up to your commissioner - you can take several days, weeks, or months, to finish your auctions. After your draft is completed, you can still use the site for other purposes - team rosters, player trades, etc. At any time within the year, if you don't need our services anymore, your league and records will be removed at your request. The services of this web site will be yours for one year.

If you're not satisfied with our site, and you haven't already completed a substantial portion of your draft *(see below), you will have ten (10) days to have your registration fee refunded. A request for a refund must come within ten days from the date and time you actually added your league.

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After the payment process has been completed, you will immediately receive your unique Registration Code by e-mail.


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* A substantial portion of your draft would be 12 or more signed players per team. This will prevent leagues from completing a fast draft and then asking for their money back. If you draft 12 or more players per team and then request a refund, we reserve the right to withhold $20 (USD) from your refund.